"We can make a ladder of our vices if we tread them underfoot." --St. Augustine

Thursday, November 17, 2005

This Is My Second Exile

This is my second exile
from my benighted homeland.
This time the journey leads to heaven,
compassed by stars and stripes.

Who can fathom the wisdom of the Inscrutable?
Who can divine the will of the Almighty?

Thieves and usurpers,
propelled by dark angels of relativism,
tyrannize my benighted homeland.
Emboldened by the people's helplessnes,
they sow havoc and terror,
invoking God's name
as they make pact with the Devil.
When they suppress dissent,
nuns, seminarians, priests, bishops are not spared
from their water cannons.

Life has become one cheap thrill
in my benighted homeland.
Lord, how long must we endure
the reign of thieves and usurpers?